FABOPAL has developed proper technologies in the process of crop planting from the cultivation of young plants in the greenhouse to obtaining its high grade. The growth stage is also assisted with soil fertility work, density of planting, and weed and pest control. This is how the raw material is assured to have the best quality conditions.

The hearts of palm are known to have good nutritional value fat and cholesterol free high fibrous content for best digestion. They are ideal for daily consumption with a delightful taste.

The international markets consider the hearts of palm as a gourmet product, thanks to its pleasing taste and good consistency. These qualities have resulted in a significant increase in production in Bolivia.


FABOPAL has design an industrial production process with the purpose of obtaining high quality products to satisfy the expectations of our customers. Our system´s main attribute is the versatility in developing the products demanded by the market, maintaining the same high quality.

The industrial process begin with the selection of raw material and concludes with the canned product. This is submitted to a rigorous quality control achieving a final with excellent taste and color characteristics.


FABOPAL has implemented a Quality Assurance System in order to ensure the traceability and Good Practices of Manufacturing guidelines to be upheld, guarantying the production of healthy and safe products fulfilling quality requirements. The detailed and strict recommendations of Good Practices for established controls are written and implemented accordingly. All measuring and test equipment relevant to the quality system is controlled, calibrated and maintained to monitor the critical points in the process such as exact weight, proper pH seal control for the cans and the temperature of the process.
Also, the disinfection and cleanliness controls are performed in order to keep the plant free form microbian contaminants, and to prevent conditions that could be dangerous to costumer´s health. Finally, a plague control is executed for maintaining the sanitary conditions.